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Where The Road Begins

It is widely understood that necessity is truly the mother of invention. So it was from the need for capable and qualified entry-level traffic candidates that the TRAFFIC ACADEMY was born! The formula for the success of this undertaking is a simple one. Take one part desire, add one part talent, stir in one part comprehensive training and serve only when ready! Surely if the proof is in the pudding, then you need only check out some of our graduates! If you have a desire to be successful in the advertising world and have been looking for a decided advantage over the pack, look no further than ALL THINGS TRAFFIC.

What is the Traffic Academy
Our program is designed to not only teach basic traffic procedure but also the fundamentals of advertising agency culture — thereby developing the individual into a true traffic professional. We provide our candidates with an education in procedure, along with an introduction to the advertising lifestyle.

How does the Traffic Academy work?
It is a simple process; two to four weeks are required depending on whether you participate in our day or evening sessions.

These sessions are designed to accommodate those who have current employment obligations but are eager to combine a solid work history and educational background with our comprehensive training program. The result is a decided advantage that advertising agencies are seeking! This is a three-to-four week course which is held for two hours/two evenings a week.

These sessions are condensed to accommodate those who are eager and available during the day. This is a two-week course that is held for three hours/two days a week.

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